You’ve just run a razor over your face. Maybe you owe it a little something extra? Reuzel Astringent Foam is non-drying and oil-free, so it’ll give your skin the firm, smooth look you’re after without removing essential moisture. 

Closes Pores & Refreshes Skin

  • Witch hazel soothes tender skin post-shave
  • Combines our T4 Tonic Blend with aloe vera
  • Conditions pores to keep you clear and balanced

Reuzel Astringent Foam tones your skin, soothing and closing pores after a close shave. It’s the perfect way to tighten up without drying out. 

Let’s keep this simple. Do not shake the bottle. Just hold it upside down and squeeze the foam directly into your palm. Then massage the astringent toner onto your face. (Or anything else you happen to have shaved.) Wipe excess away with a clean cloth.

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