Heart of Glass Sheer Glaze


Heart of Glass is our new blonde haircare line. Taking inspiration from the music industry, confident women, and the beauty of self-expression, Heart of Glass performs expertly in the salon or at home for clients looking to care for their blonde strands in the best way possible.

Maintains and Enhances Color for Blondes: The extract obtained from the Jagua fruit balances unwanted tones, while it enhances and illuminates blonde shades.

Repairs while it Protects: Our proprietary Biacidic Bond Complex and Baobab Extract strengthen and repair hair fibers, helping to prevent breakage, while also providing UV protection.

Promotes Hair Health: The Baobab Extract and Davines’ Fortifying Botanical Shield provides nutrition, hydration, elasticity, shine, thermal production and longer-lasting hairstyles.

Visible Results: Up to +40% of resistance to hair breakage if the Intense Treatment is applied to hair for at least 5 minutes. Hairs’ strength increases up to +57% if the Intense Treatment is applied to hair longer, up to 10 minutes. 

Sheer Glaze (150ml): Apply 7-15 pumps evenly on towel-dried hair, comb through and proceed with desired styling.

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