Genesis Anti-Breakage Fortifying Treatment Ampoules Cure Fortifiant


10 x 6ml Treatments

Anti hair-fall fortifying treatment for weakened hair, prone to falling. Containing our unique precision blend of ingredients, the shot acts to intensely reduce hair-fall and maximize beautiful hair. During peaks of hair-fall, the jelly like formula re-anchors the hair follicle into the scalp while providing optimal environment for future growth. The formula soothes and decreases itchiness by reinforcing the natural protective barrier of the scalp.

    • Minimizes hair-fall from the roots
    • More fibre retention
    • Significant anti hair-fall efficacy after 6 weeks of use*
    • Re-anchor the fibre to the root*
    • Significant soothing effect with decrease in total itchiness and discomfort after 3 weeks of use**
    • Helps preserve the scalp natural protective barrier***
    • Reinforces scalp***

*Clinical study, 99 people after 6 weeks of use (hair-loss)
** Clinical study, 99 people after 3 weeks of use (soothing)
***Clinical instrumental study)

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