Chroma Absolu Masque Chroma Filler


Masque Chroma Filler is a rich anti-porosity, deep filling masque developed for all types of sensitized or damaged color treated hair, mostly adapted for medium to thick hair. This sensorial light rose rich cream penetrates deep into hair fiber to fill porosity and strengthen hair for a healthier, softer and shinier color. Acts as a hair mask for dry hair and a hair mask for damaged hair. Miracle treatment enriched with a potent combination of Amino Acid and Centella Asiatica indulges hair with powerful care. Strands are 92% stronger*, more resilient and 93% more nourished with reduced porosity for a longer lasting color. This advanced technology helps protect hair from hard water-stripping properties during shower. Use after use, hair becomes healthier, 62% shinier and brighter and up to 92% of color intensity is preserved after 6 weeks. 9/10 women agree that the hair feels nourished and moisturized, and look healthy

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